We support our Customers throughout their entire
implementation process

Gem'innov is a leader in the PRODUCTION of "tailor-made" thermochromic, photochromic and perfumed microcapsules

Gem'innov is at the same time MANUFACTURER of thermochromic, photochromic and perfumed "tailor-made" microcapsules.

GEM'INNOV, a company based in Provence’s FRANCE, is a leader in the production of thermochromic, photochromic and perfumed "tailor-made" microcapsules.

GEM'INNOV is the first company in the world to have filed a WORLD PATENT that allows it to produce biodegradable (OECD 301F) and biocompatible microcapsules, thus freeing itself from the rules on microplastics imposed by the European Union from the end of 2022.

OUR ORIGINALITY lies in the fact that we are the only company in the world capable of producing BIODEGRADABLE and BIOCOMPATIBLE microcapsules with 3 levels of diffusion (release)

These three kinds of microcapsules are :

  • - Totally hermetic and UNBREAKABLE microcapsules that only allow the nano-fragrances of the active ingredients to pass through, which remain enclosed inside.
  • - Microcapsules delivering their contents in a controlled manner over time
  • - Breakable microcapsules for immediate shock effects of active and captive agents inside.

A word from the President
Yves Ortais

Our growing international development is the recognition of our efforts to meet the needs of our Customers, to supply them with tailor-made products in a very short time, and to anticipate changes in health regulations.

Keen of growing environmental concerns, Gem'innov has for many years focused its research and development work on developing more environmentally friendly products. We have developed our range of thermochromic microcapsules "Live Colors". These are pigments used in thermochromic inks, paints, varnishes, plastics etc. The fields of application of these microcapsules are infinite. The most significant examples are colour-changing labels for optimal beverage tasting, secure impressions on banknotes or baby garments that detect body fever. To meet market’s demand, Gem'innov has used its expertise in microencapsulation to offer a range of microcapsules containing essential oils or active ingredients used in cosmetics. We have been able to anticipate the ever more rigorous demands of our Customers by creating these resistant microcapsules and protecting their content over the long term. Gem'innov is committed to delivering tailor-made products, but also a quality service to its customers. Our laboratory, which is the heart of our company, centralizes its activities around 3 areas:

Development of new tailor-made products

Quality control and monitoring

Technical assistance to our customers

I am proud to be able to announce that for more than ten years, we have been exclusively producing thermochromic microcapsules without bisphenol A that meet strong market demand. Gem'innov has been able to grow thanks to its quality teams whose skills have enabled it to grow, not to mention the trustworthy relationships established with its partners to ensure flawless distribution throughout the world. It is thanks to you that Gem'innov is growing. Thank you to all our loyal customers!

Yves ORTAIS, Chairman