Health regulations force traditional chemical companies to withdraw more and more products whose compositions are no longer accepted at the international level.

“Positive lists" identify the additives allowed in herbicides, detergents, insecticides, repellents, etc.

Each month disappears from these "positive lists" of chemical molecules and each month (few) new NATURAL alternative additives appear.

GEM'INNOV's "green" products, containing Natural Extracts encapsulated in walls of Bio-sourced microcapsules, find their dream applications in this Domain.

GEM'INNOV now presents at the European Registration its first BIOCIDIC MICROCAPSULES in compliance with the European Directive 528/2012, starting with the TP19 Classification (Repellents)

Many "Green" phytosanitary products will soon be available, which contain GEM'INNOV's BIOCIDE TP19 microcapsules.

To learn more about our services, contact us.

To learn more about our products, contact us.

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