GEM'INNOV's scented microcapsules make it possible, once placed on a support, printed on a fabric or simply sprayed, to keep this perfume as pure as if it were still in its bottle.

GEM'INNOV has extended these remarkable properties to AROMATHERAPY, by encapsulating NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS, each of which has perfectly known properties (antiviral, antibacterial, relaxing, energizing, etc.)

It is now perfectly possible for GEM'INNOV to customize "functions", allowing the Consumer to have access to relaxing household linens, mosquito repellents, etc...

We also develop on demand "function cocktails", for example for this manufacturer of Industrial Gloves which are now, and for the entire lifetime of the glove - both anti-odour (antibacterial), anti-mould (antifungal), anti-sweat (astringent), and refreshing ! These Gloves, distributed worldwide, have enabled our Client to achieve double-digit profit growth for several years.

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