At Gem'innov, everything is done to make the world run more Round and Greener: It is above all an ethical choice. We LISTEN to our Customers and realize at their request the microcapsules that we have always dreamed of in their business - and whatever it is -. Our reputation as a "tailor-made" company is based on two unique and exceptional skills:


Our microcapsules are INCASSABLE and HERMETIC, and they are perfect barriers against the penetration of oxygen, responsible for oxidation.

Either they change COLOUR under the effect of certain external stimuli (temperature or UV-light), or they diffuse - under certain conditions - the perfumes contained, while guaranteeing that the encapsulated liquid (perfume or essential oil) will stay PURE and will not escape from them.

Who can do the most can do the least, we can make our microcapsules permeable and set the time it will take to distribute their content.

The protection against OXYGEN penetration allows the encapsulated active ingredient to remain PURE for years.

GEM'INNOV has developed in collaboration with the CNRS (France) and patented BIOCOMPATIBLE and BIO-SOURCE microcapsules walls that exceed future health regulations in the coming years.


GEM'INNOV has a second strategic know-how, which is to know how to best use the benefits of AROMATHERAPY, based on the formulation of "internal phases" based on NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS.

The fields of application of ENCAPSULATED AROMATHERAPY are becoming more and more extensive: "Anti-pest", Agriculture, Home care and many others, natural aromatherapy solutions can satisfy huge world markets, where the world of traditional chemistry is struggling or regressing.

MICRO ENCAPSULATION and TRAINING make GEM'INNOV a unique company in the world, capable of satisfying an immense number of world markets.

GREEN CHEMICALS is our field of emancipation.


GEM'INNOV houses both a team and production tools on its premises that produce several tens of tons of microcapsules annually.

In addition, we are finalizing the development of a family of new compact production equipment designed to enable our customers to have their own independent production of microcapsules (under license) within their own plants.

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