Beyond the now incessant call to our ears and eyes, modern marketing calls on our SMELLING. It is a very sophisticated sense, with an exceptional accuracy we perfectly distinguish between a pure, polluted, pleasant or denatured original smell.

Olfactory Marketing was impossible until now because it was necessary to have microcapsules WITHOUT releasing perfume during the storage of products.

GEM'INNOV's RUB&SNIFF microcapsules, which only smell fleetingly when you caress a package, finally guarantee that the Supermarket shelves will not diffuse a complex, indefinable and repulsive "mixture of smells" !

OLFACTIVE PACKAGING allows the Consumer, by simply stroking the packaging and without opening the bottle, to smell the perfume he is considering buying. This caress can be repeated hundreds of times over the years!

But it can also, still without opening or damaging the packaging, "feel the taste" that the food will have when it is heated in the microwave!

In the same way, GEM'INNOV allows a "ready-to-heat" food packaging placed in a microwave oven to indicate that it is at the ideal temperature by changing the colour of a simple indicator printed on its packaging.

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